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Why Fleet

The Fleet TMS (Transportation Management System) is a single-source logistics solution for every enterprise's supply chain.
Why Fleet

The transparency you deserve

Unlike traditional freight forwarders who provide only one or two options to move your shipment, Fleet presents you with a whole range of prices and routes from different carriers. It's important to understand all your freight options so you can make an informed decision.


Get critical supply chain visibility

Through Fleet's online dashboard, you'll have constant access to real-time updates about your shipment's location, as well as its location history. Supply chain visibility affects logistics, sales and customer service, so don't overlook it's importance.


No more wasted booking time

Say goodbye to hours spent gathering quotes and coordinating freight shipments. Believe it or not, it takes you only 60 seconds to book your freight with Fleet.
You'll be done booking before your coffee cools down, letting you move to the next thing on your list.

Customer Success

Kratos Building Supplies

Learn how Fleet helped Kratos transform its ocean freight operation
case study