Why Use Fleet

Fleet is here to change the way goods move around the globe. We make something that was once complex and mysterious really easy! Our quoting process is simple, and thanks to other shippers who have used Fleet, you will be able to make informed decisions when choosing service providers.

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Transparency helps make the complex world of international shipping easier to navigate. Because you know exactly what you’re getting, you can choose who handles your shipments wisely.

Why fleet quotes stack

Detailed Quotes

Fleet quotes are laid out so you know exactly what you’re being charged.

Ratings And Reviews

Read real reviews from people just like you to figure out who you can trust with your cargo. We make freight forwarding companies less mysterious.


Use the chat feature on Fleet to get to know freight forwarders and ask them any question about their services or charges.


With today’s technology, there’s no reason for international shipping to be so complex. We make it easy for you not only to pick a service provider you can trust, but also to pay and book your shipment online.

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No Phone Calls or Faxes

Conventional methods take a long time and can be expensive. With Fleet, service providers and businesses can connect in a simpler, more modern way.

Pay Online

No more credit application, no more wire transfer. Through Fleet’s secure platform, shippers now can pay online when you book a service provider. Providers receive payment once shipments are delivered.

Self-Service Platform

Use our simple platform to get multiple quotes and choose the one you like best. Just insert your information, and you’re on your way!



Competitive pricing and excellent customer service are the results of the whole online process with Fleet: requesting quotes, booking an payment. Fleet empowers shippers to make informed decisions and to ship your freight with confidence.

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