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What services does Fleet offer?

At the moment, Fleet offers ocean FCL, air freight, ground transportation, LTL freight, warehousing, customs clearance and freight insuranceSubscribe to our mailing list on our homepage to stay on top of all future announcements!


What air freight services does Fleet offer?

We offer three types of air freight services:

  • Basic: Standard cargo service, and often the cheapest prices
  • Pro: Expedited service, but not guaranteed
  • Expedited: First-flight-out, highest priority service that often comes with guarantees


What air freight rates does Fleet offer?

We offer three types of air freight rates:

  • Standard rates: Available to everyone
  • Promotional rates: Available based on capacity and when airlines need to fill space
  • Negotiated rates: Special rates secured by Fleet with partner airlines, only available to customers who book on Fleet’s Digital Freight Forwarding Platform.

Quotes, Pricing and Billing

How do I request a quote?

The first step is to sign up for a Fleet account.

  1. 1. Once log into your account, click “Find Rates” on the top menu bar.
  2. 2. Choose a service type: Air, Ocean FCL, Ocean LCL, or LTL Trucking
  3. 3. Key in the vital information about your shipment: origin and destination, ship date, commodity and container type. For an air shipment, key in the dimension and weight.
  4. 4. You will see a list of all options available for your shipment. The “Total” amount that you see is the charge for port-to-port service.
  5. 5. If you want to add more services such as ground transportation, warehousing, customs or insurance to complete your shipment:
    • Click “Add Additional Services” under the “Additional Services” section on the left.
    • Select the services that you need
    • Click “Add Services” to confirm. If the charge of the additional services is known, the Total amount will be updated accordingly.
    • Please note that, in many cases, charges for ground transportation, customs and warehousing services will be added later, as the precise fee depends on the commodity, weight, volume, origin and destination of your shipment. The cost of these services may not be reflected in the “Total” amount listed.

  6. 6. If you like the rate, click “Book this Rate.” You will be prompted to key in the contact information for the origin and destination of your shipment.

    7. Once complete, click “Book It” to finish. You will see a message confirming that your shipment is booked.
  7. 8. A member from Fleet team will reach out to you to confirm the details and discuss the next steps.




When will I know the final total cost that includes my additional ground transportation, customs and warehousing services?

A member of the Fleet team will reach out to you via phone or email with the final total cost within one business day after you submit your booking.


Why are duties and taxes not included in the quote?

The cost for duties and taxes depends on how your goods are classified, which can only be confirmed during customs clearance at the destination port. That is why those costs cannot be included in the quote.


How can I pay for my duties and taxes?

You can authorize Fleet to pay taxes and duties for your shipment on your behalf. You’ll complete a power of attorney form, which will authorize Fleet to clear the customs, and pay the duties and taxes for your shipment. Fleet will then bill you later for duties and taxes.


For other questions, please call us at (844) 785-7447 or send us an email at support@tryfleet.com.