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Get instant ocean freight rates and quotes for your shipment. 


Ocean freight: the world's most widely used shipping method. Trade lanes are crowded with vessels packed to the gills with all sorts of goods. While ocean freight is a highly reliable shipping method, the landscape is constantly in flux. Fleet helps you stay on top of changes in ocean freight, giving you access to real-time transparent rates. Sign in or sign up for a free Fleet TMS account to get instant ocean quotes today!


Arrows-2 Transparent ocean freight pricing

Fleet’s online booking tool provides totally transparent, real-time pricing to provide our customers with a worry-free booking process. When comparing quotes from different freight forwarders, importers-exporters often wonder why rates can vary so dramatically across carriers.

On the Fleet TMS, we provide a breakdown of the component charges within your ocean freight quotes. This complete pricing transparency differentiates Fleet from other freight forwarders and logistics services providers.

Arrows-2 Customization where it counts

When it comes to ocean freight, we know our customers ship boxes full of small retail items, crates filled with large items, and everything in between. Your business needs the flexibility of services to accommodate whatever you need to ship via ocean freight, whenever you need to ship it.

Fleet allows you to customize your ocean freight booking with just a few clicks, whether you need your cargo to go port-to-port or door-to-door, or you need specialized insurance or need to file customs forms.

Arrows-2 Speed of booking and tracking

How long has it been taking you to book your ocean freight? With Fleet, you can book in 60 seconds or less.

The Fleet TMS makes it easy for you to find the best rates, as well as to book additional services with just few clicks. Never before has securing your shipment with the best rates been so easy.

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