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LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) Freight Shipping

With Fleet's new LTL Instant Rate and Booking interface, we have significantly simplified the process for booking and managing your LTL freight shipments, all in one dashboard. Here are features and benefits of Fleet's LTL Instant Rate Quoting and Booking:


  • + Access to millions of LTL routes across the US

  • + Unlimited, free rate searches

  • + Compare quotes from top LTL carriers within a single platform


"I am really impressed with Fleet’s Customer Support. Fleet's team has always been available and quickly comes up with great solutions for any shipments I need help with.  Fleet has a great combination of innovative technology, a friendly application, and incredible customer service. I would highly recommend Fleet as a partner to any team that ships LTL freight." - Joe, Business Owner

Instant LTL freight shipping rates

You can instantly query LTL rates for millions of routes across the United States. Key-in the dimensions and the weight of your shipments and get exclusive rates from the most reliable trucking companies countrywide.

24/7 Real-time, online shipment tracking

Once you find the rate that works for you, you can immediately book your freight and track your shipment on Fleet’s platform 24/7.

Coverage. Flexibility. Reliability.

Get a wide range of competitive shipping rates from the country's most reliable LTL carriers with our friendly, self-service online platform, or work directly with a freight shipping expert who will help you every step of the way.