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Customs Clearance

Comprehensive customs clearance services performed by certified licensed customs brokers.


Customs considerations get complicated when you’re shipping internationally. Between multiple methods and lanes in different countries, and depending on exactly what you’re shipping, processing customs forms can require significant work hours. Let Fleet help you with your customs clearance!

Need help filing your forms? Let us help. 

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Why Accurate Customs Clearance is Important

Accurate customs filings

After you find the best booking time and freight rates, keep your shipment on track by accurately completing and filing your customs paperwork. Missing or incorrect paperwork can hold up your shipment halfway around the world. 


Our team will walk you through deciding on the valuation of your cargo, its classification and tax rate, and duties and tariffs you’ll incur, then guide you through getting the forms completed and filed with the proper authorities. Your business can’t afford customs mistakes and with Fleet, it won’t have to.

File storage off your mind

Maintaining your own records storage system for your customs documents can be onerous, to say the least. Paper records get damaged and lost, and require storage equipment and space, along with the costs for paper and ink to print them.


Even electronic documents need to be sorted, maintained and stored. Fleet eliminates all these obstacles, housing all your customs documents within our secure system. Anytime you need to access a particular customs form, you'll know just where to find it. Organized file storage gives you peace of mind and protection against liability.