Click. Click. Ship.


Meet our leadership team.

Max Lock

CEO & Founder

Max is the Founder and CEO at Fleet. Prior to Fleet, Max founded MediaSpork (2010), Schoolboy Ice Cream (2011), and Intergreen Distributors (2012). Max brings to Fleet his passion to improve the shipping industry based on his experience importing millions of items in China for Schoolboy Ice Cream.

Victor Asteinza


Victor leads the engineering team at Fleet. A seasoned software developer and technical lead, Victor’s specialties include Ruby, Ruby on Rails, J2EE, TDD, XML, and Oracle. Prior to Fleet, Victor has designed, developed and implemented applications for Portland brands—The Clymb, Portland General Electric, and The Standard.

Michael Halama

VP of Supply Chain Operations

Michael leads the supply chain operations team at Fleet. He has more than 20 years of experience in supply chain management, IT, go-to-market management, procurement, and import/export compliance. His expertise is deep in driving operational excellence, efficiency improvements and profit growth with leading global brands such as Adidas and IBM.

Dan Heinig

Head of Product

Dan leads the product team at Fleet. He is a seasoned product leader with a proven ability to move the needle on customer acquisition, retention, engagement, and company valuation. Dan possesses expertise in increasing product value and scaling to growth, managing all aspects of a product life cycle from customer research through product strategy, development, testing and deployment.