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Get International Shipping Rates and Book the Best Providers

Freight forwarders on Fleet work hard to maintain their good ratings by meeting their customers’ needs. Using Fleet means you have access to those that are striving for excellence.

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Request an International Shipping Rate
Fleet walks you through the quoting process, ensuring that you have provided all the information that freight forwarders need to give you an accurate, competitive quote.
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Service Providers Compete
The information you provide goes right to our freight forwarders and you wil receive up to 5 quotes.
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Compare Service Providers
You can evaluate the companies that responded to your quote request not only by their price, but also by transit time, reliability rating, and the reviews other users have left them.
To make an informed decision, before accepting any quote, you can ask forwarders any question about their charges and services using the chat feature.
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You Decide
Once you have looked at the reviews that other users have shared and the international shipping rates that the freight forwarders have provided, you can pick the company that suits you best.

How Booking & Payment works

Fleet provides the easiest and most secure way for both shippers & service providers to book, pay and manage their freight online.
Shippers and service providers are verified by Fleet
Review all booking details and charges
Share and manage shipment documents in one place
Communicate on Fleet’s convenient chat platform
Update and check freight status online
Reviews and share the shipping experience after delivery

Payment is Easy and Secure

No more credit applications, no more wire transfers
Pay for your shipment online
No more credit checks or online applications
Pay faster and with more reliability
Pay for shipment with common credit cards

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Get rates for your shipment and book the best service providers