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Ground Transportation

Delivering your freight to its final destination safely and on time.


Fleet takes your freight through to its destination with our ground transportation services and solutions. Whether it’s with container trucks, tractor trailers, flatbeds or other large-cargo haulers, Fleet connects you with the transportation solutions that move your business forward.

Ground transportation is more competitive than ever, as driver shortages and route congestion is causing rate increases and more complex booking. Fleet identifies solutions for your enterprise so you can get the most capacity, distance and speed for your logistics spend.



Arrows-2 Final mile solutions

Whether your freight is going port-to-port, door-to-door, port-to-door or more, Fleet helps you take it the final mile with domestic and international ground transportation services. From regular recurring shipments to expedited deliveries, Fleet helps you do it all.

Arrows-2 Transportation options

Get help deciding whether your enterprise would benefit more from flexible or dedicated trucking services. Depending on how much freight you ship, Fleet can also help you decide whether you’ll more frequently need full truckload or less-than-truckload space bookings.

Arrows-2 Packaging and materials for transport

Nearly all cargo leaves a manufacturing facility or warehouse on a truck and it needs to be properly packaged before it can be transported safely. Let Fleet connect you with vendors for:

- Wooden pallets

- Plastic pallets

- Shipping crates

- Gaylord boxes

- Corrugated boxes

- IBC totes

- 55-gallon drums

- And more!