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looking for a freight forwarder profile?

Fleet has discontinued the Freight Forwarder Profile, Review and Rating platform, so you will not see any freight forwarder profile on Fleet's website anymore.

We constantly strive to simplify global trade by providing importers, exporters with better experience through technology. Our most recent development is The Digital Freight Forwarding Platform where you can perform the whole booking process, from search for rates to book your freight online and within 60 seconds. The platform supports ocean freight, air freight, and LTL freight. On the same platform, you can also book additional services for your freight; such as trucking, warehousing, customs clearance and insurance. Fleet's Digital Freight Forwarding Platform is the single-source logistics for enterprises of any size.

If you look for ocean or air freight rates, check out our instant rate search engine by signing up on our website. Book your shipment on our platform to enjoy the convenience of booking and managing your freight 100% digitally.

If you ship large volumes, contact our team and we will source the best rates for your shipments. 


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