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Savino Del Bene Spa

Savino Del Bene is a freight forwarding company, providing our customers with integrated and customized logistics solutions. We specialize in air, ocean, surface transportation and all related services with a professional, experienced team ready to answer customers' demands. Savino Del Bene is a one-stop transportation provider with a network of more than 200 offices worldwide, offering advanced shipping services, customs clearance and operations, warehouse management and logistics support products. We constantly strive to enhance our relationships with core air and ocean transportation partners, from whom Savino Del Bene demands high quality and flexibility to give you tailor-made services and convenient rates. For over 100 years, and with your valued support, we have kept an eye on future challenges, acknowledging the certainty of being able to succeed. Contact info redirected to American contact in California
Customs Brokerage

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