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Pro Cargo Canada Ltd.

Today, freight forwarding is much more than simply moving packages from here to there. As more companies migrate into the global marketplace, they’ve come to expect a freight forwarding service which is equal to the task of meeting their unique requirements. Delivering the goods isn’t good enough as a transportation and logistics provider. To succeed, it takes an understanding of what is truly needed, then a comprehensive range of services to meet them. That’s why you can trust Pro Cargo to deliver more. We go above and beyond providing traditional transportation and logistics solutions. We begin with a thorough analysis of your needs. Then we tailor a solution that best utilizes our integrated technologies, global network and recommended services to address your needs. And as the business environment changes, Pro Cargo is structured to adapt quickly to serve your evolving needs better. As an international freight forwarder, Pro Cargo assists with such matters as documentation, insurance, packaging and warehousing, and offers a variety of shipping methods to suit each client’s requirements. We strive to relieve our clients of as much responsibility as possible in any freight forwarding consignment, including all required documentation. We make the required bookings and follow the shipment’s progress until the job is complete. Our vast network of international contacts and expert knowledge of the international forwarding industry places Pro Cargo is in a position to address all of your transportation requirements.
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