Making Quoting Your Competitive Advantage

Shippers open new requests for quotes on Fleet everyday.

Why quote on Fleet?

Section one build brand

Grow Your Business

Fleet markets to shippers, consignees, buyers and sellers. A Fleet customer can ship up to ten times per month and they are actively looking for international freight forwarders.

Section one save money

Save Time & Money

Fleet brings you customers that are ready to buy, no sales call required! And since customers put their shipment detail on the platform, you get all the information required to provide a quote right the first time.

Section one save time

Joining Fleet Is Free

Fleet does not charge you any membership, registration or subscription fee.

Section one get new

Build Your Brand

Fleet is where you can showcase your business reputation and creditability. Customers’ rating and reviews about your services are the most powerful endorsement you need to stand out from the crowd.

How Fleet Works

Section two we send

Customers request a quote.

Customers visit Fleet looking for freight forwarders who can help them ship their merchandise. Once they fill out the quote request with all required information about their shipment, Fleet will send you an email with a link to the quote request.

Section two decide

You pick the best fit for your business

As a freight forwarder, you can decide which quote request you want to respond to. You can submit your quote as long as the quote request is still open.

Section two shippers pick

Customers choose the best quote

The customers will compare all the options they have. If they are interested in your quote, they can initiate a conversation with you via our messaging feature to ask more questions about your quote.

Forging a new business relationship

Once your quote is accepted, you will see the customers’ detailed contact information. It’s time to develop a new professional relationship - reach out to your customers as soon as possible, using our messaging feature, email or over the phone.

Section two message shippers