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Product Update, Freight Fowarders

The enhanced quoting experience for freight forwarders on Fleet

Fleet’s mission is to simplify the international shipping process, not only for shippers but also for logistics service providers. Starting tomorrow May 18th, the new quoting interface will make...

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For Shippers, FBA, Freight Fowarders

Top 10 Freight Forwarders in 2016

Let’s start off 2017 by taking a look back at freight forwarders who have excelled in 2016.  When you’re a small or medium sized business, it can be daunting to hunt down the right freight forwarder...

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For Shippers, Product Update, Freight Fowarders

Online payment: a new way to book & pay your forwarders

We are excited to share with you that Fleet just launched Booking & Payment – a feature that will significantly enhance the experience in international shipping for both shippers and freight...

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For Shippers, Freight Fowarders

Freight Forwarding Networks: The Pros & Cons

Freight networks play an important role in international trade, they help freight forwarders move shipments across countries, continents, and oceans. However, not every freight network is created...

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Freight Fowarders

What is Fleet? How does it work for freight forwarders?

A lot of freight forwarders, regardless of their sizes, ask "What is Fleet?" These videos quickly explain what Fleet is and how Fleet's quoting platform works for international freight forwarders,...

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