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Air Freight

FedEx Air Freight - A History

Frederick Wallace Smith - The Father Of FedEx Air Freight Frederick Smith studied Economics at Yale University. For an assignment he imagined a parcel delivery service that offered overnight delivery...

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Beverage logistics - how transportation affects the quality of your drink

From the vineyard to your hands, there is quite a journey associated with your glass of wine. Wine and any other spirit or beverage are handled with a specific set of beverage logistics standards in...

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Freight: from small boxes to gigantic oil platforms

Freight forwarding is all about transporting goods. If you can dream it, it can be transported. Whether your item is something small, like a matchbox car, or huge like a hummer – it can be brought...

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How to have effective communication with Chinese suppliers?

Despite the highly globalized world we live in, we still often hear stories – some funny, others not – about how imports businesses have been affected by cultural differences with Chinese suppliers....

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How many standard pallets can fit in a container?

Picture this: the holiday season is right around the corner, and you need to bulk up your inventory with a large purchase. The products are packed in pallets, and you need to choose whether to pay...

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For Shippers

Transport Management System (TMS) and its benefit

Transport Management System, or TMS, are systems that help move your cargo from point A to point B in the most efficient way. It doesn’t matter if the transport is from China to Alaska, or from Miami...

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Interactive Infographic: International Shipping - All About It

If you’ve ever mused that global trade is a huge, complicated process – you’re not alone. And yet, technology is allowing companies to more easily source products from other countries and have the...

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What Happens Once Your LCL Shipment Arrives At Port

So you’ve hired a freight forwarder to import your shipment. That’s just the first step in the long journey your cargo will take. The operational processes carried out during the shipment’s...

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Product Update

New feature: Multi-User Account for customers

At Fleet, we are always striving towards one thing: simplifying global trade. In that spirit, our team is constantly working on new features to make the platform easier to use and more aligned to the...

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