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Ocean Freight, how-to

Shipping for Chinese New Year - Best Practices

  The Chinese New Year (CNY) is based on the Lunar calendar, so dates change year by year. The CNY is celebrated not only in China, but in other Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and...

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LTL Freight

Shipping LTL Freight and More with TMS

As the lines of global trade become more interconnected and expansive, transportation managements systems have evolved. Remote and cloud-based hosting has replaced on-site software, while...

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How Worried Should We Be About Amazon’s Logistics Ambitions?

Every time Amazon gets into a new business area, it makes waves. The recent announcement that Amazon is launching its own delivery service is no different. As of 2016, products sold on Amazon...

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Air Freight

Challenges in Air Cargo that Digital Tools Can’t Solve

Air cargo represents more than 35% of global trade by value and freight shipments account for, on average, 9% of airline revenue. Air freight companies face many of the same challenges as the...

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LCL Shipments

When is LCL an affordable option?

Saving Money With LCL Shipments Deciding whether to ship via full container load (FCL shipments) or less-than container load (LCL shipments) is a simple decision for some companies. The nature of...

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Supply Chain Technology

Three Reasons to Expect a Digital Tsunami in International Shipping

Regardless of your place in the industry, it’s impossible to ignore the signs that international shipping is headed towards a digital revolution that will dramatically change everything about the way...

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Supply Chain

Top Supply Chain Technologies You Need Now

  If you’re still waiting to make a digital transition in your logistics operation, it could be costing your business all along the supply chain. Companies everywhere are embracing—sometimes...

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Product Update

Fleet Launches Digital Freight Forwarding Platform

Importers, exporters and freight forwarders can get more done and save more money now that Fleet has launched its new Digital Freight Forwarding Platform. Supported by a streamlined interface, the...

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International Trade

Trump Tariffs and the Shipping Industry

   The tariffs the Trump administration has imposed over the last year as well as additional tariffs that may be in the future, are a hot button politically—and anyone who moves goods into or out of...

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