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Trucking, LTL Freight

LTL Best Practices for Small and First-Time Shippers

If you’re a small company that is shipping your products for the first time, don’t feel bad if less-than-truckload shipping is your only option. You may not have enough cargo to fill a full truckload...

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Trucking, LTL Freight, FTL Freight

Truck Driver Shortage: Overhauling an Industry

You can’t detour around the numbers — America is facing a significant truck driver shortage. Worries about future shipping capacity have driven beyond the desks of industry analysts and into the...

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Supply Chain, Trucking

Last Mile Logistics: How to Overcome Common Challenges

Shippers everywhere in the country, whether great or small, selling to businesses or consumers, nearly all have succumbed to the “Amazon effect.” In shipping, this term — used derisively by some,...

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Trucking, LTL Freight

Freight class: All about the basics

  For startup shippers, the less-than-truckload (LTL) freight classification process can seem intimidating. In reality, the system of classifying different kinds of LTL freight was created to make...

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Supply Chain Technology

Supply chain technologies: Hype, reality and future

  Logistics and supply chain has long been an experimentation and proving ground for new technologies. Its very nature of large volume and quick turnaround provides limitless opportunity for vetting...

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Causes for capacity shortage in ground transportation

    Nothing’s new about capacity shortages in ground transportation. This sector of the larger logistics industry is historically in high demand. Also, it may be especially susceptible to the ebb...

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Ocean Freight

Explaining Demurrage vs. Detention With Simple Examples

  For an importer-exporter, the words “demurrage” and “detention” both mean the same thing in the end—fees. Of course, these two types of penalties are distinctly different. Not understanding what...

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International Trade

10 Documents Required for International Shipping

All international commerce transactions rely on two essential types of papers—import and export documents. These documents orchestrate a long chain of actions. From offering the parties that are...

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Considerations for Cold Shipping

Cold supply chain logistics is among the industry’s more complicated shipping challenges. Properly transporting the world’s perishable food and medication requires intricate planning, preparation and...

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