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New Feature: SMEs to Book & Pay Forwarders Online

Portland – Oct 10, 2016 - Fleet, the online marketplace for international logistics, announced today the launch of Booking & Payment - a new feature that allows Fleet’s customers to book and pay freight forwarders online. This feature will significantly enhance the international shipping experience for shippers, freight forwarders, and other logistics service providers.

Before this feature was added, shippers and freight forwarders had to go through multiple payment processes before finalizing and moving shipments. These included a credit check, credit application, and wire transfer – all of which are time consuming, for both customers and service providers.

Now shippers who use Fleet can pay freight forwarders using a major credit card such as MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. They can also check their shipment status on Fleet. Freight forwarders will now be paid faster and more reliably on Fleet.

Fleet has previously launched other features which have made international shipping easier for small and medium-sized businesses, including freight forwarder reviews and rating, a quoting platform, and documentation management. On Fleet, shippers can see thousands of freight forwarder reviews, receive multiple quotes from different freight forwarders, message forwarders with questions about the services, collaborate with chosen forwarders, and manage all the necessary documentations for their shipment.

“Small and medium sized businesses using Fleet have been asking and waiting for this feature, because the traditional payment process is tremendously time consuming.” Said Max Lock, Founder & CEO of Fleet. “Our community of freight forwarders are also ready to receive online payments because they want to provide customers with faster service and better customer experience. We are excited to see the impact booking and payment will make by greatly simplifying this process.”

The new Booking & Payment feature will change the way businesses pay for their international shipping. Fleet is home to essential services that make international shipping convenient for small and medium-sized businesses, and has the ability to help both shippers and freight forwarders grow their businesses.

About Fleet: Founded in 2014, Fleet is an online marketplace for international logistics that aims to connect small and medium-sized businesses with freight forwarding companies and other logistics service providers. Fleet’s goal is to simplify the global commercial shipping industry by providing an easy-to-use platform, reliable shipments, fair pricing, and an unparalleled customer experience.

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