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Online payment: a new way to book & pay your forwarders

We are excited to share with you that Fleet just launched Booking & Payment – a feature that will significantly enhance the experience in international shipping for both shippers and freight forwarders.

With Booking & Payment, once both sides mutually agree on the booking details and charges, shippers can make a secure online payment to freight forwarders. Freight forwarders will receive payment once the shipper confirms that the shipment is delivered.


Fleet’s new Booking & Payment platform allows both sides to skip the troublesome, time-consuming credit check, credit application, and wire-transfer processes. Instead, shippers can enjoy paying for their freight shipments as easily as paying for other online purchases, while freight forwarders now can get paid faster and more reliably on Fleet.

Check out our Shipper Guide and Freight Forwarder Guide for detailed explanation of how our Booking & Payment platform works, along with helpful screenshots.



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