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Fleet Launches Digital Freight Forwarding Platform

Importers, exporters and freight forwarders can get more done and save more money now that Fleet has launched its new Digital Freight Forwarding Platform. Supported by a streamlined interface, the platform provides Fleet customers with an easy-to-use quoting and booking tool for their ocean and air freight needs.

Never before has it been so simple for importers and exporters to view real-time freight rates and book a shipment. With Fleet’s exclusive pricing, you’ll know you got the best rate, and you can track your shipment throughout its journey realtime - until it is delivered.

 At Fleet, we’ve taken our next major step toward realizing our vision of revolutionizing the shipping industry. Walk with us and discover with the new Digital Freight Forwarding Platform is all about.


Search for rates and book your freight in 60 seconds or less

We’ve made it incredibly easy to secure air freight and ocean freight quotes on Fleet’s new Digital Freight Forwarding Platform. 


Get rates and book your ocean or air freight in 60 seconds or less


In less than 60 seconds from start to finish, you’ll view a list of results featuring a whole range of service levels and rate types. Make your selection and move on with your day. There’s no reason importers and exporters need to make multiple calls or send out calls to get quotes for your shipments.


Digital Freight Forwarding Platform with exclusive and transparent rates

Through agreements with some major carriers, Fleet is proud to offer its customers exclusive rates through these companies. When you log into the Digital Freight Forwarding Platform and input a search for air freight or ocean freight, your list of results will include multiple rate options, including these exclusive rates.


 Fleet Digital Freight Forwarding Platform provides exclusive freight rates


Fleet wants its customers to have a full picture of their shipping possibilities, so the platform shows you multiple service levels and rate types. You have the freedom to choose what’s right for your company and each particular shipment. This transparency allows our customers to better manage their logistics budgets as they make more informed purchasing decisions.


Digital Freight Forwarding Platform backed by expert support

In our mission of drastically improving the shipping industry, we’re dedicated to making everyday life easier for importers and exports. Fleet’s business is not just about a sleek, high-performance platform — even though we’ve got that. Our logistics experts work to learn about your business and tailor solutions for your benefit.

 Proactive support is the hallmark of our operation, as we first labor to ensure accuracy of all bookings and contracts. If customers encounter a difficulty with their booking, an account manager will assist until the issue is resolved.


Supplementary services, all on one single digital platform

 Fleet's Digital Freight Forwarding platform is every business's single-source logistics solution. On the platform, now you can secure additional services, including warehousing, ground transportation, customs brokerage and freight insurance.

Online, real-time shipment tracking, documentation and invoice management are other key features that will significantly simplify your freight management process.




The Fleet team is thrilled to bring our new Digital Freight Forwarding Platform to importers, exporters and freight forwarders. To learn more about how you can join Fleet, call us at 844-785-3636 or sign up now and get shipping with Fleet today!


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