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Product Update, Freight Fowarders

The enhanced quoting experience for freight forwarders on Fleet

Fleet’s mission is to simplify the international shipping process, not only for shippers but also for logistics service providers. Starting tomorrow May 18th, the new quoting interface will make quoting on shipments faster and easier for freight forwarders. Here is how it will look like:

If you choose to itemize your charges, you will see that the charges are grouped into three main categories: Origin Charges, Destination Charges, and Transport Charges. Simply expand each group and key in the relevant charges.

If the customer requests value added services such as Customs Clearance or Insurance, these items will be marked as REQUIRED and you will see them at the top of the quote form.

new quoting interface


We highly recommend that you itemize your services because this is what most customers prefer. However, you can choose to enter an All-in rate and add a message to your quote with a brief explanation for your customer.

Get ready for a streamlined quoting platform later this week. We believe this new look will enhance your experience with Fleet, and will help you quote faster and more effectively.

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