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Product Update

Introducing new feature: Customs Broker Collaboration

It’s been a busy few weeks for Fleet as we gear up to launch an exciting new feature: Customs Broker Collaboration. As of July 10th, shippers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers will now be able to work together on shipments. It is our goal to make the complex process of international shipping a little bit easier for everyone, and our new feature will accomplish just that.

What Shippers Can Do

With our new Customs Broker Collaboration feature, shippers can bring a customs broker into the loop to work alongside their freight forwarder. Only shippers can invite a customs broker to their shipment. Shippers will also have the power to remove and re-invite customs brokers.

What Customs Brokers Can Do

Using this new feature, customs brokers will now have access to details of shipments via the Fleet platform. A broker will be able to upload and download documents relating the shipment, as well as communicate with the other parties involved in the shipment.

Customs Broker Collaboration Collaborators tab - Customs Broker view in the Fleet platform

What Freight Forwarders Can Do

The Fleet platform will still mostly the same for freight forwarders, with one exception: they will now see a “Collaborators” tab when they view their shipments. With this tab, a freight forwarder can see who has been added as a collaborator along with the role of that collaborator.

Our Customs Broker Collaboration feature is one of Fleet’s many efforts to simplify international shipping. We welcome feedback, about this or other aspects of Fleet, in order to make our platform even more convenient and accessible. Please email feedback and suggestions to team@tryfleet.com.

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