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Tips for Shippers to Get Better Quotes on Fleet

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The peak shipping season is right here! If you’re looking for the best international shipping rates, we have some tips for you to get the best quotes from freight forwarders on Fleet:

  • Commodity description: be specific on what you are shipping. A detailed description will allow freight forwarders to identify whether your commodity is what they are specialized in, as well as other preparation that may be relevant to your shipment. The description of the items shipping should not just be “machine parts”, a good description would be “machine parts for cow milking machines” – for example.
  • For shipment that requires a pickup or delivery: origin and destination addresses are very important. Freight forwarders need the exact addresses to give you the most accurate quote as well as to arrange the necessary logistics. So be very specific about your addresses, including: country, city, street address, and postal code.
  • The size of end packages for air shipment: the size of the end package is very important. Use the size of the end packages if available, but if the packages have different sizes, you can create a new commodity line. Air shipments are expensive, so the more specific you are about the sizes, the more accurate quote freight forwarders can give, and the more you will save.

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