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3 things that make Fleet different from other worldwide logistics marketplace

Fleet may not be the first or the only online logistics marketplace, but it stands out from the rest for three reasons. Learn more about Fleet from these videos.

How is Fleet different from other worldwide logistics marketplace?

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We’re fully aware that there are other businesses who have attempted to create a worldwide logistics marketplace and there are other businesses that are doing their best to take the technology available today with software and engineering and apply it to logistics to make things more efficient and automated. I’ve personally spoken with dozens of freight forwarders who have been burned – burned in time, money, stress, and energy – in working with some of these so-called businesses. Fleet’s different for three reasons.

First of all, we use a pay as you go model where the free trial version is exactly the same as the pay per bid model you’ll use. There’s also no levels of membership. Small forwarders and large forwarders are treated no differently, they’re treated the exactly the same.

Second, we know that quoting takes time, money, effort, and energy on your end. That’s why we ensure that the shipments are all legitimate and we verify them before you ever see any information on them.

Third, our customers are not just buying on price. They’re reviewing both the price you’re quoting them and reviews from previous customers. And what we’ve noticed so far is that these customers are willing to pay more to work with a business that has great customer service, that has a track record of running on time and operating their business with integrity.

Will small freight forwarders be competing with large ones?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00JKpY-8RWM]


So maybe you’ve noticed we have forwarders of all sizes on Fleet. We have large forwarders with hundreds of offices across the world, and small forwarders that are just a handful of people working in one office. The truth is, they can all do well on Fleet. You may be asking, how’s that even possible? There are two reasons: specialization, and customer service. Smaller forwarders are already competing with larger forwarders. So my guess is, that if you’re already in business right now if you have stellar customer service, if you operate on time, if you do what you say you’re going to do, you’re going to win on Fleet.

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