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How Fleet helps freight forwarders lower their cost of sales

A sales call can cost freight forwarders $100 or more. What if not only you can save a significant portion of this, but also have a much higher chance to win new business leads? Check these videos to understand how Fleet can help you achieve exactly that.

How much does it cost freight forwarders to quote on Fleet?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-yo_bmsuU0]


Creating an account on Fleet is free for you as a freight forwarder. There’s no annual fee, no membership fee, and no credit card required to create your account. Also, once you create your free account, the first ten shipments you quote on are free as well. After those ten free shipments, there’s a fee to quote of ten dollars per shipment. With Fleet, it only costs ten dollars to quote a customer who is ready to buy.

How does quoting on Fleet help my freight forwarding business save money?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmadERyOvUQ]


It costs ten dollars to quote on a shipment. This is why we give you ten quotes for free. The first ten free quotes on Fleet gives you ample time to see that Fleet can help your business. We know that sales calls cost you over a hundred dollars. But with Fleet, for only ten dollars, you get customers that are ready to buy now. With Fleet you have plenty of time to determine if Fleet is a right fit for you and your business and we’re sure we can help you increase your sales.

Let us help you to lower your cost of sales. Join and quote on Fleet today!


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