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What is Fleet? How does it work for freight forwarders?

A lot of freight forwarders, regardless of their sizes, ask "What is Fleet?" These videos quickly explain what Fleet is and how Fleet's quoting platform works for international freight forwarders, and how Fleet can save your freight forwarding business to save money (the transcript is right below the videos). Fleet is a great tool for freight forwarders to access thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. Visit us here!

Fleet - An Online Marketplace for International Logistics
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Fleet is an online logistics marketplace for shippers who are looking for freight international services. Small and medium sized shippers, they come onto our site looking to get quotes from freight forwarders. They come onto our site, submit all the details of their shipment, everything you would need to give them an accurate quote and then you’ll quote them directly – just through the website. One of the biggest challenges for these small and medium sized shippers is finding a good, reliable freight forwarder who is going to do what they say they’re going to do, and operate on time. Our promise to these customers is they will receive up to five quotes from a variety of freight forwarders. The customer gets better options for their shipments and you get easier access to thousands of these small and medium sized shippers.

How Fleet works for Freight International Freight Forwarders

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How does Fleet work for international freight forwarders? If you’re a forwarder, here’s how it works. You come onto the site, and you quote the customer directly just through the web page. Registering is free, you can create a representative account. Just your name, email, phone number, and create a password so you can log in to the site. Once you create your account, you log in to our dashboard, and you’ll see all the open quotes we have available. Once you select a shipment you want to quote, you will see all the information you need to give an accurate quote. On that same page, you’ll enter the transit time for the shipment, and total up all the charges. Once you’re done, just click submit at the bottom of the page, and the customer will review your quote. You’ll be up to one of five quotes for the customer to review. If they have any clarifying questions for you, they can message you through the site and you can message them back. Once they accept your quote, you’ll work out the booking information and payment with them however you already do that. Just treat them like any other customer. Then you’re done!

How can Fleet help my freight forwarding business save money?

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It costs ten dollars to quote on a shipment. This is why we give you ten quotes for free. The first ten free quotes on Fleet gives you ample time to see that Fleet can help your business. We know that sales calls cost you over a hundred dollars. But with Fleet, for only ten dollars, you get customers that are ready to buy now. With Fleet you have plenty of time to determine if Fleet is a right fit for you and your business and we’re sure we can help you increase your sales.

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