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Tips to Create a Better Quote Request

International shipping doesn’t have to be complicated. Fleet’s goal is to make the process simpler, and the first step is to connect you with the right logistics service providers. To start your journey into the world of freight shipping with Fleet, open a quote request. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your quote request.

1. Make Sure You’re Shipping Business Goods

When you complete your quote request, service providers on Fleet will compete for your business. International freight forwarding companies handle business or commercial shipments and  they will not quote on goods that are excluded in their terms and conditions, such as household or personal belongings. The requirements for packing, moving, insurance, and administration are different for B2B shipments than those for household items. Fleet handles international shipping services for business or commercial goods, we do not support quotes for personal goods shipments.

If you are moving internationally and want a quote for the shipping of your furniture and household goods, you’ll want to look for an international moving company which will have expertise in this area.

You also need to be sure the goods you want to ship aren’t on the government’s list of restricted commodities. Shipping these without proper authority is against the law.

2. You should have all the information about your shipment

When you are ready to create a quote request, you need to deal in absolutes and be as accurate as possible.  Know the specifics about your shipment, including weight, size, packaging, timing (which is usually 2-3 weeks for ocean shipments, and a few days for air cargo), and value of the shipment. If you don’t have this, request it from your supplier when importing. Once you have it, then it’s time to create a request for quotes.

Fleet’s quoting process is for obtaining quotes, not estimates. An estimate may be something that you will use to develop a pricing proposal for a new customer. A quote occurs when you are ready to make a shipment. An estimate can differ greatly from the actual cost. Many things can change the price of a shipment, such as shipping close to the holidays. So in order to get an accurate quote, you must give the freight forwarder all the information they need to evaluate the cost of shipping your goods. Providing accurate information is the best way to avoid any surprise fees. It is important to know that international shipping costs can change frequently, many freight forwarders will only honor a quote for a specific period of time and usually it is one month or less.

If you need an estimate, and not a quote, the best way to get one is to ask your supplier. It’s likely that they have handled similar shipments in the past.

We want to win your business – and when you provide us with the information we need to quote correctly, you’ll have a great Fleet experience.

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