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Product Update

New Feature: Multi-User Account for Customers

At Fleet, we are always striving towards one thing: simplifying global trade. In that spirit, our team is constantly working on new features to make the platform easier to use and more aligned to the needs of our customers.

 We are pleased to announce our newest feature: Multi-User Account for customers. This feature was developed to address a rising request from many shippers who work as companies and teams. Shippers can start using this feature this coming Tuesday, September 6th.

On the shipper’s side, an account owner will now be able to invite colleagues to join Fleet as a manager or as a team member. A manager can: manage all quote requests and shipments, join the conversation with freight forwarders and other service providers, manage documents, make payments, manage team members and shipment collaborators, and update the company profile.
A team member can do most of what a manager can do, with the exception of updating the company profile.


Screenshot of the Team View - Customer Account


For freight forwarders, the only noticeable change will be that multiple users on the customer side may join the conversation and manage shipments.

As we continue to refine our platform, we are very interested in hearing any feedback and suggestions users on both ends may have. Please feel free to reach out to team@tryfleet.com and let us know what you think of the new feature – and about anything else you are impressed by or concerned with.

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