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Supply Chain

A Day in a Life of a T-Shirt

Have you ever wondered what happens to one of your products, i.e.: a t-shirt, since the moment it leaves the factory until it reaches your store? In the following video, “A day in the life of a t-shirt”, you will be able to see the steps in a t-shirt’s supply chain: how the t-shirt is packed, its movements in a warehouse, the transport to the ship, unloading at its destination, last-minute change of destination, and other happenings.



The video was produced several years ago for sales purposes by the former Maersk Logistics, now called Damco, and it shows the use of distribution centers and technology offered by this company. Therefore, it’s good to note that the technology may vary from one logistics provider to another, although the activities are the same. Certain services, like tagging or barcode scanning, may or may not be offered by your current logistics vendor, or they might be split among different vendors.  Freight forwarders are, most of the time, offering services for the whole supply chain, and they can offer interesting service rates when you do your shipping with them.

After you have seen the video, think a bit: Is the process somehow like what you had in mind?

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