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Product Update

Product Update: Documentation Management

We have just launched a helpful feature on Fleet Quoting platform: Document Management.

Using the Document Management feature is easy. Once the shipper accepts a quote, the Documents tab will be activated for both shipper and freight forwarder. This way, both parties will have convenient access to necessary documents.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.55.57 PM Documentation home view - on shipper's screen


Document Management allows shippers to upload and share the four critical documents needed for any international shipment with the freight forwarder they have chosen to work with: 1. Bill of Lading, 2. Certificate of Origin, 3. Commercial Invoice, and 4. Packing List. Users will also be able to add an additional five documents that are required for the shipment.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.52.33 PM Specific document view - on freight forwarder's screen


Both forwarders and shippers will receive a notification email when a new document is uploaded. This notification will also appear in the communication feed seen by both.

What’s the benefit of this new feature?

Now you can use Fleet as a single portal to exchange all documents pertaining to your shipment. This feature will be especially helpful when you have multiple shipments and each of them requires a different set of paperwork.

More benefits of Document Management:

  • The entire history of communication between shipper and forwarder
  • Ability to create any documents that the freight forwarder requires which are unique to that particular shipment
  • Previous versions of documents available for reference

Head to Fleet now, accept the quote that best suits your shipment, and start sharing documents in a new, efficient way!

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