Supply Chain Segmentation

Supply Chain Segmentation

In today’s complex and competitive world, firms have a wide variety of customers, suppliers, and products. The “one size fits all” approach is inefficient and not flexible, so companies operate using different supply chains. Companies constantly search for the best Customer-Product-Supplier combination, and segmenting the supply chain is the way to find the optimal combination. In this article, we will focus on the product segmentation and how it affects the decision whether to use ocean or air shipping. Continue Reading

8 things to consider when choosing air freight companies
Air Freight

Choosing Air Freight Companies: 8 Considerations

Air freight companies — you don’t know much about them, other than you need to hire one. You’ve got a new customer in China or you’re trying to start up a European market, and it’s time to get serious about understanding how to get your cargo where it needs to go. Check out these eight considerations for choosing an air freight company.

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Air freight tracking: loading the freight into the airplane
Air Freight

Improve Air Freight Tracking by Understanding Delays

Even with high prices and tight security, there’s a simple reason business shippers love air freight — it’s fast. There’s no traffic up in the air, right? Of course, air shipping and air freight tracking are more complicated than that. Also, the lanes are getting more crowded, with air freight demand “going crazy,” according to one carrier.

It’s true that, once it’s flying, aircraft move cargo more quickly than train, truck or ship. However, while a ship might be able to cruise or a truck gets ready to roll, you might check your air freight tracking tool to find your cargo is still sitting at the hangar. Continue Reading

Shipping container - front view
For Shippers

Intermodal Shipping Containers: History, Types, and Unconventional Use

Throughout history, several achievements have dramatically improved supply chain: Finding the sea route to India in the 15th century, invention of steam ships in the 19th century, or establishing Incoterms in 1936. One transportation invention looms largest in its effect on industry: the shipping container. The shipping container almost single handedly created the ability to go to any store and pick out what you need.

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Air freight: pros and cons
Air Freight

Air Freight: Pros & Cons

Getting an item from point A to point B has always been a problem for humans to solve. Of course, land transportation was the first method used to ship goods. As humans evolved, so did shipping transportation methods. Air freight is latest shipping method (except for Space Freight, which is a very specific mode of transportation so we won’t discuss it here). Sending items via air freight has only been around for about a century, and has both advantages and disadvantages. Continue Reading

Press Release

Fleet Secures $10M Series A Financing Round Led By Lufthansa Cargo

Today we are excited to announce that our company, Fleet, has completed a $10M Series A round of financing.  Lufthansa Cargo led the investment round with participation from existing and new investors including Hunt Technology Ventures, UPS, UP2398, 1517 Fund, amongst other previous investors.

Over the past year, the shipping spend via the Fleet platform has grown seven times. We’ve helped thousands of importers and exporters save a significant amount of money and time. For a typical medium-sized shipper (a business that ships from 5 to 100+ shipments per month), Fleet helps save up to $30,000 and 800 hours annually by reducing the time spent getting quotes, setting up accounts, managing paperwork and checking on the shipment status.

This new funding round will enable us to expand our team in Portland, to develop the product, and to focus on business development. Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Cargo, has joined our board of directors.

“Lufthansa Cargo brings strategic industry experience and joins Fleet not only as an investor, but also as a board member, and soon as a partner to help launch our new air freight platform,” said Max Lock, CEO of Fleet. “This new funding enables Fleet to accelerate our platform and bring new features and functionality to enhance our customers’ experience.”

For more information about Fleet’s latest funding round, check our official announcement here.


Air freight: four reasons why it is the best option
Air Freight

Air Freight: Four Reasons Why You Should Choose It

If you’re a logistics manager, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from a psychological phenomenon known as “decision fatigue.” You have so many options for shipping your materials, it can be maddening to narrow it all down. Before you decide which company will carry your cargo, your first consideration is whether to ship via truck, rail, ocean or air freight.

Shipping materials via air freight may seem to be too costly of an option for your company. However, it carries some distinct advantages, depending on the kind of cargo you’re moving and how quickly it needs to make it there.

Check out these four reasons you might choose air freight for your next shipment.

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How technology help improving logistics operation

How technology can help improve your logistics operation

Logistics is one of the world’s oldest industries. While ancient traders navigated using star charts and negotiated with hard currency, we’ve got GPS and instantaneous wire transfers.

As some folks fail to upgrade their logistics operations, other companies embrace new technology by integrating the aspects that will help offset the most time, trouble and cost.

Especially in the realm of global trade, leveraging today’s technology is essential for managing a stable and growing logistics operation. Whether you primarily ship via air freight or ocean container, you can hook into software systems and online platforms that help you master international freight shipping rates and allow you to have more control along your logistics operation.

If your freight management systems are stuck in the Dark Ages, it’s probably time for an upgrade.  Continue Reading

Supply chain: identify the weak link

Your Supply Chain: How to Identify the Weak Links

A global supply chain is like an ecosystem, with individual organisms dependent on one another for survival. When everything works, it hums along like a beautiful machine. However, it only takes one malfunctioning part to disrupt the entire system.

Your company has multiple supply chains, all working together in a cycle of incoming and outgoing shipments that allow you to conduct your daily business. If one vendor drops the ball, negative effects ripple throughout the entire system.

Poor performers along the supply chain can cause shipping delays, product damage and financial loss for your company. While you can’t physically follow your products or materials to ensure they’re moved thoughtfully and efficiently, you can work to seek out and destroy bugs within your logistics ecosystem.  Continue Reading

FedEx Air Freight plane parking at an airport in Vietnam
Air Freight

FedEx Air Freight – A History

Frederick Wallace Smith – The Father Of FedEx Air Freight

Frederick Smith studied Economics at Yale University. For an assignment he imagined a parcel delivery service that offered overnight delivery by using information technologies. This was the beginning of FedEx air freight. He imagined a carrier that owned the entire process: from airplanes to cargo warehouses, and all the delivery vans and store/offices in between. A parcel would be in the same company’s hands throughout its journey.

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