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AIR Freight

Check out the most recent exclusive air freight rates from Fleet's partnered airlines.
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Air freight moves fast and Fleet flies right alongside it.

If you’re looking to the skies for quick cargo delivery or for the extra layers of security that air freight provides, book your freight shipment with Fleet. You’ll get access to exclusive rates through our air freight network, along with the opportunity to automate your customs documentation.
An array of rate options

Whether you’re prioritizing speed or affordability, Fleet offers you multiple air freight rates for both options. Search by the service level you require to get your freight turned around quickly or based on the lowest rates.

Frequently offered promotional rates on Fleet make air freight more accessible for importers-exporters. You can always count on knowing your best freight options with Fleet.

Exclusive international air freight rates

By using Fleet, you can take advantage of custom-negotiated rates. We work closely with airlines to secure exclusive air freight rates along major trade lanes.

However, you’re never limited to our carriers — you can compare rates from all the big players and we can help you decide what’s best for your shipment. Enjoy exclusivity in pricing and in concierge customer service with Fleet.

Freight forwarding for the final mile

Fleet’s services don’t come to a halt when your freight touches down at its destination airport. With our freight forwarding services, we’ll bring your shipment on the last leg of its journey to the recipient.

Whether it’s a single destination or a whole route of recipients, Fleet will help you coordinate the LTL or FTL space you need to complete the order. Companies that don’t run their own vehicles can rely on Fleet, as can enterprises that need to supplement their existing operations with contract carriers.

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