Our mission is to simplify global trade

Fleet is an online marketplace for international logistics, connecting shippers with freight forwarding companies and other logistics service providers.

We aim to make the complex world of international shipping easier to navigate for shippers of any size. With our transparent, easy-to-use platform, we empower businesses to make well-informed decisions in choosing the right service providers based on price, transit time and reliability.

For the first time ever, shippers can do everything all in one place: from researching and choosing logistics service providers, to making payment and receiving goods. The Fleet platform provides a seamless experience for business owners to manage all of their importation and exportation online.

First recorded use of the compass, which was just a magnetized needle, as an aid in maritime navigation.
Savannah's maiden voyage. Although most of its journey was sailed with wind power, Savannah was powered by the magic of steam and was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
The first ever cargo flight took place. The plane, a Wright Model B, flew a whooping 65 miles carrying a load of silk for a store's grand opening.
The first shipping container was invented by Malcom McLean. This non-standard, 33-foot container changed the skyline of local ports, and how we view shipping.
Ideal X - a WW11 ship that had been retrofitted specifically for transporting shipping containers - made a successful journey from New Jersey to Houston, Texas.
Fleet launched, transforming the shipping industry. Fleet is the latest in a long line of game changers in international shipping.