The Industry's First
Global Distribution System

Fleet GDS links rates, automates bookings and documentation for shippers and their logistics providers on a single, seamless platform.

Revenue Management
Rate Management
2-Automated Bookings
Automated Bookings
3-Document Automation
Document Automation
4-Data Trafficking
Tracking Data Interchange
financial settlement
Financial Settlement

Your Single Source
Supply Chain Solution

GDS is a win for exporters, importers and service providers. GDS will improve the organization's bottom line by providing speed, transparency, and automation in a single platform.

Speed for the shipping process

Access freight rates directly from top global providers.

Transparency for the industry

Collaborate with your team and service providers in one place.

Automation for your business

Create shipment and billing documents for every transaction.

GDS impacts the entire supply chain.


Freight Forwarders

Check rates from service providers instantly.

Airline & Service Providers

Connect and distribute rates seamlessly.

Importers & Exporters of All Sizes

Enjoy the capability to build your own supply chain.

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